The Mediterranean is the part of the globe where life is just simpler, more beautiful & people from all over the world consider it to be the connection between culture, cuisine & most of all, the enjoyment of life.  
There is just something about the character of the people & area’s that give it real appeal, making you feel more positive about life, which is something we aspire to. The question we need to be asking ourselves is this: what is it that they have & we don’t?

As we know, the Mediterranean is a place that is steeped in impressive history with a touch of the modern world, an appealing mixture of old & new. Blessed with great weather, flawless seas & a combination of picturesque villages & warm, welcoming people, this is what creates a harmonious blend of living, it’s a place that promises much & delivers plenty.

Life over here is about finding the perfect balance between work & leisure, food & friends. It’s about enjoying the simple things in life, the sea, the sun, the fresh air. They enjoy experiencing the pleasures of an active life but have the right balance & know when is a good time to take themselves off & relax, they truly enjoy all the goodness of their lives.

The people who live here are the envy for much of the world as they get to enjoy lovely climates all year round. They get to enjoy the short, mild winters, and then see spring follow behind with the hills still green from the winter rains, the sun feeling a little warmer & the air smelling sweet & fresh then closely followed by the summer with the ample sunshine & hot days merging into milder nights, which is the perfect time for them to fully enjoy time with loved ones, whether it is sipping coffee or having a meal, this is the time when all their cherished memories are created.

Something that is highly valued in their culture is sharing & enjoying time with the people they care about, especially through the abundance of fresh foods that are available. They are able to create wonderful experiences out of simple ingredients by turning them into something deliciously appetising. It has been said that the ancient Athenians found their mealtimes to be delightful gatherings, where not just the body but also the spirit was nourished & here in the Mediterranean they have continued through life with the same view. So instead of just eating for convenience, they turn every meal into something amazing, sharing the flavours with friends & family, stopping to taste & smell every mouthful, which has helped them to enjoy a rich quality of life.

Another of their secrets for happiness is activity in every shape & form. It can be simply just talking or cooking for friends or even taking a walk but a saying they live by is ‘you should not miss anything’, in other words just be there. To them it doesn’t matter whether it is for their loved ones or for their business, they do it & they do it with a real taste for life.

With only one life before us, living on the Mediterranean really does open your eyes & gives you the right idea when it comes to living well & living passionately. This is why it is important to embrace all that it has to offer as not only will this happiness let you enjoy your life but you’ll be investing in a truly long happy one.

Here’s to a good life!


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Ahmet Gedik

Our apartment was bought in 2005 through MSJ. Mehmet the owner was very helpful,professional and caring. He also helped us to furnish our home and settle in. Every visit to our beloved Kalkan we meet up with Mehmet who has become a true friend for life.

Richard Paxton

Luxury homes in Turkey, villas in Turkey for sale in year-round Bodrum, Fethiye and Antalya offer opportunity to buy property in Turkey and luxurious living near international schools, hospitals and town facilities, combining the best of Turkish and ex-pat lives.



Ehere Ehiri

We are pleased to announce that we are now open for sales of Phase 2 properties. The first phase of activity for the second Phase will comprise a total of 12 properties, with prices starting at 108,000 GBP for a one bedroom apartment and going up to 496,000 GBP for...

Makara Kukara

It has small steep winding streets linking together with an authentic Turkish atmosphere, many tiny shops, cafe bars and restaurants. You can sit back and relax on its pebble beach, sit and sip a cool drink in one of the bars and watch the day go by, or be as...

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